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Welcome to the online home of The Revenant Order Alliance.  Please feel free to take a look around.


We are those betrayed, the lost souls, the forgotten.  We are those cast to the four winds without care for where we would end up.  We are those building the great war machines while surrounded by darkness.  We are those who strike from the deepest, darkest reaches of the abyss.  We are those who will bid you farewell as we send you to the void.

We are the Revenants.


What we Offer:

- target rich environment
- Low Sec living

- null sec roaming

- Wormhole diving
- PvP Training/Roams
- Limited Ship Replacement Program
- Experienced pilots/Fleet Commanders
- Access to Level IV/V Missions

- expanding local market

- Max Boost Porpoise/Orca Supported Mining 

- Access to Incursion Fleets

- Refinery Refining/Compression/reactions

- engineering complex manufacturing/invention/research

- access to moon ore
- Logistics Support

- capital support
- Jump Freighter Service

- alliance discord

- Covert Ops/Black Ops
- Intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance

What we Expect:
- Teamwork
- Dedication
- Loyalty

Our Aims:
- Fun
- Profit

If you are interested in joining us as either an individual pilot or a corporate entity, contact one of the following diplomats via EVE-Mail

Lead US Time Zone Recruiter/Diplomat:  Jack Carrigan
US TIME ZONE RECRUITERS/DiplomatS:       Trianna RelaNi

eu time zone recruiterS/diplomatS:       haellena

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